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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my website. I just finished my Masters in Informatics at the University of Malta. My thesis tackled Geospatial studies, with regards to Location Based Services. An Abstract of my thesis titled as titled as: ‘The development of a Geographic Information System for traffic route planning using Location Based Services’ can be found here. Further publications can be found further down. I am also graduated from the University of Malta in BSc. Business & Computing.

academic info

I have extensive experience in web environments, with more than five years of experience in developing in PHP. I am also the founder of the PHP Maltese Usergroup (PUGmt). Lately I also started an MCTS course in .NET technology. As a part-time job, I am also the technical director of a small firm operating in online hosting (Solutions-Lab.NET), offering web and domain hosting for local clients. I have also extensive experience with SQL (naming Open Source DBMSs : MySQL and PostgreSQL – where I can create normalised tables, with stored functions, triggers and other SQL routines). I am also experienced with XHTML and CSS. I am also knowledgeable in Javascript, and XHTML requests.

Thanks for visiting my website. Hope you enjoy it :)

conferences presented

  1. WICT08 : 17-18 November. Co-Author: Dr. Maria Attard. “Exploring the shortest route options: Applying Environmental Indicators to Calculating Shortest Route” (PDF copyhere)

conferences attended

    1. Introduction to Oracle (2007). Various speakers. Malta
    2. Oracle Business Summit (2008). Frank Buytendik. Malta
    3. Neogeography. What New? (2008). Dr Muki Haklay. Malta
    4. Securing your system (2008). Bernard Zarb. Malta
    5. IPv6 Forum (2008). Neil Rickard, Detlef Eckert, Christian Petrus. Malta

published material

  1. Applying GIS to Gaming. (May 2009). A presentation prepared to the Board of a Gaming Authority regarding how can an implementation of a GIS help day to day running of the authority. (Copy here)
  2. Improving transport in Malta using GIS and LBS. (January 2009). A presentation prepared to the University of Malta as part of my MSc. Informatics. This seminar discusses ways and improvements how can a GIS driven system help and improve the current situation in Malta. This presentation also provides a survey discussing how the Maltese view the public transport and gives out interesting conclusions as to where the GIS needs to tackle. The study focuses mainly on ways as to where and how to improve the routes, promoting cultural places, buses ETA and taxi fleet handling amongst others. (Copy here)
  3. The development of a Geographic Information System for traffic route planning using Location Based Services. (under review – Oct. 2008). This was my MSc. Informatics thesis. The project started with a Literature Review studying the historic advancements of Location Based Services and Geographic Information Systems, in particular Open Source GIS. Case Studies were reviewed so as to gain knowledge from past experiences. The methodology used for this project followed the DSDM methodology and requirements were drawn following the MoSCoW priorities. A full working version of the project which is presented in a Web Interface can be accessed online. (Pre-Print here || Copy of Presentation here)
  4. Exploring the shortest route options: Applying Environmental Indicators to Calculating Shortest Route. (Nov. 2008). This is the paper I presented for the WICT 08 Conference. The objective of this study looks at enhancing Open Source routing algorithms by adding functionalities and variables that favour fuel savings as well as shortest route. A system is developed using Open Source GIS (using the PostGIS and pgRouting extensions for the DBMS: PostgreSQL), whereby a number of variables, including weather conditions, road network, traffic status, vehicle specification data and road gradient are manipulated by the user to achieve shortest and most fuel efficient route. This study also provides neighbouring techniques for emergency response teams, so as to traverse the shortest route to an accident. (Copy of Paper here || Copy of Presentation here )
  5. A Real Time Application Integration Solution. (June 2005). My final project for my BSc. Business & Computing degree. The work involved designing a system for a helicopter company operating in the Maltese islands. The design was performed using UML. Prototypes were also drafted to enhance the solution. (Copy here) (Download copy of presentation here)

technological expertise

web scripting

  • PHP
  • CGI
  • TCL

web client-side scripting

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript (jQuery / m00 libraries in particular)

web search engine optimsation

  • Keyword suggestions
  • Meta-Tag Analyzers
  • Google Ads campaign


  • Pascal
  • C
  • C# .NET 2.0
  • Java
  • Java Mobile Programming

database management / procedural programming

  • PostgreSQL
  • MS SQL
  • MySQL

geography information systems related

  • PostGIS (PostgreSQL spatial extension)
  • pgRouting
  • OpenLayers
  • Map Server + Map Script

operating systems

  • Windows based (Server 2003 / XP / Vista)
  • Linux based (Red Hat / Debian / CentOS / Ubuntu)
  • BSD Based (FreeBSD)

server setup and maintanance

  • Web Servers (Apache / IIS / lightHTTPd)
  • FTP Servers
  • SSH Server
  • Mail Servers (MS. Exchange / PostFix)
  • Remote Access

content management systems

  • CMS by MP (own personal CMS)
  • Joomla
  • PHP-Nuke
  • WordPress
  • phpCoin

multimedia software

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • GIMP

network monitoring

  • Wireshark
  • Ethereal
  • MRTGs
  • Nagios
  • Netflow

online portfolio

online portfolio

internet sites

  • screenshotAIMW09.ORG
    This website was set up for an International Conference organised by the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG), and the Maltese Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (MAGG). The site is an informative one with a close eye on delivering information to the scholars attending the meeting. PHP was used in sections where form submissions were needed. Mail handling is done via XHTTPRequests (Ajax) scripts. The site is a full CSS / HTML 4.0 valid one.
    This website was set up for a wood consultant. This site showcase the expertise of Exigo Consultants, and explains various services offered. The projects consists of a fully dynamic Content Management System written by myself, which allows the owner of the site to change the contents. The CMS used for this project allows the dynamic creation of extra pages, whilst also allows for image and other attachment handling, all by using XHTTPRequests (Ajax) and jQuery javascript library. Mail handling is done via XHTTPRequests (Ajax) scripts and a mail PHP library (PHPMailer). The site is also a full CSS / HTML 4.0 valid one.
    This discussion board is based on the phpBB Open Source boards. The main idea for this discussion board is to unite together PHP developers in Malta. Despite not taking any active part in the development of the ready made script, I was responsible in setting up plugins, modify plugins to make them work with this version and also general running of the board. I heavily modified the script to make the boards work with a mailing list (read / write to a mailing list hosted on Google Groups), and Search Engine Optimisation of the board.I am also very active in the moderation / administration of the boards, offering my humble help to other users in their PHP development.
  • screenshotOWN YOUR LIST
    This website was created as a sub-contract received from I was entrusted with the job to create a stock system whereby the shop owner can create wedding lists to the couples. Once the list is finished, the couples will then forward the secret code to their guests who then can enter the online gallery and shop for their items. Fully integrated with Paypal allows for payments. Also the couples have gallery management rights in order to view how their wedding list is being purchased and view messages left over by their guests. All written in PHP including XHTTPRequests (Ajax) and jQuery javascript library. Mail handling is done via XHTTPRequests (Ajax) scripts and a mail PHP library (PHPMailer). The site is also a full CSS / HTML 4.0 valid one.

facebook applications

  • EF Staff member
    This application was my first attempt in working with the (old) Facebook Developers class. The application consisted of displaying an EF Logo on each of the members who accepted this application. Another option was to add the office which the staff members used to work at. After the system was changed, unfortunately I had no time / interest to fix it again. The FBClass (Facebook Developers Class) was used for this project.

extranet sites

  • EF Bookings Malta screenshotBookings Site for EF Malta
    This internal website was used to allow the sales team of EF Language Travel school to book travel activities. The project is also used by the Marketing manager where he can extract reports. Copies of bookings are automatically sent out to the suppliers, and then can be used to compare the invoices with the end of month reports. Security was a top priority in this project, followed by usability. User Interface was kept to a bare minimum, and all focus was carried on functionality.There is no link since this site requires login

intranet sites

  • Web Accessability screenshotProject to test Web Accesibility
    This project was a University project for our BSc. qualification. The group consisted of three students, one specialised in front end, one in .NET applications and myself in PHP. The hardest task we had was to make the back end parser work with the PHP modularity which was scripted by myself. My job was to allow the uploading / editing of the XML schemas which the parser used to parse the websites. Form handling was also my task. A very hard task to do was to implement methods stored in a .DLL written in C#. There is no link since this site requires login
  • RoutingLocation Based Services using GIS
    This project was a University project for my MSc. Informatics. The site consisted of Graphical User Interface to different types of users. The main used area was that of the normal driver where a map is presented and the user can view the route planned for him. More information can be viewed at the pre-print version of my thesis. The main techonologies were OpenLayers to present the map, alongside with Mapscript to script the Map (served by MapServer). Backend technologies involved PHP, Pl/PGsql, PL/PHPsql, PostgreSQL as Database, pgRouting / Postgis. There is no link since this site requires login

open source projects

  • Scan over the WebScan over Web
    A PHP Lightweight Scanning GUI which makes use of the Open Source SANE Scanning software. The PHP GUI can be installed on any Web Server as long as PHP can be run. PHP calls the scanimage command in order to provide the scan. Post scanning, the image is piped “|” to gocr / pnmtojpeg in order to provide the acquired file.


  • Punto Banco TutorialPunto Banco Tutorial
    The C# .NET software is used in order to provide training to the user on the game of Punto Banco (baccarat). The software guides the user through every card and goes all along for the whole hand explaining the rules clearly. If the user wants to run through some hands in order to provide statistics, this can be done by switching off the Tutorial Mode and this will enable ‘fast’ usage of the software. The software creates also a statistics file in order to help the user get a clearer picture of the odds this game proposes.
  • Open CryptOpen Crypt
    This C# .NET project allows the user to hash / encrypt / decrypt a list of directories / files. The user can drag and drop and/or choose via a browser which files / folders he needs to crypt. The selection allows for MD5, SHA1, SHA128, SHA256, SHA512 hashing which is saved in a CSV file and/or for AES encryption based on the user’s keyed-in phrase.

curriculum vitae


IT related jobs

other jobs


  • Maltese (Mother Tounge)
  • English (Mother Tounge)
  • Italian (Proficient in Understanding / Speaking, Independent in Writing)
  • French (Independent in Understanding / Writing, Basic User in Speaking)
  • Spanish (Basic in Understanding / Writing / Speaking)


  • Football, Basketball and any other team sports
  • Stamps & Money Collecting

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